Forest Park

Nishiokoppe has a nice park!
You can camp and BBQ here for free.
Go-carts and other amusements are available also. In the summer the stage is used for outdoor performances.
This forest park becomes the ski hill during winter!


Camping at Forest Park is free. It has a restroom in the park. You can walk to restaurants and public bath in under 5 minutes. 


You can do BBQ here also!


photo of Forest Park

Ski hill

In the winter there is skiing in the park. The ski hill has a rope-tow to get to the top. Skiing is free here!

Early January -Early March
Sunday & Holiday: 10:00 ~16:45 (Closed: 12:00~13:00)
Mon,Wed,Thur,Fri,Sat: 13:30~20:45 (Closed:17:00~18:00)
Every Tuesday is closed.

Tell:0158-87-2501 or  0158-85-7870

photo of ski hill
photo of ski hill 2
night ski

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