Nishiokoppe Elementary School

There are currently about 31students in grades 1-6 at Nishiokoppe Elementary School.
Our school was founded 110 years ago!
Our education perposes are "think deeply" "have feeling of kind" "Strong and powerful".

photo of Nishiokoppe Elementary School

An entrance ceremony

This ceremony is for 1st grade to enter the scool..
The day is the first schoolday for them,so they are so excited.

A sports day

In many case,sports day is held outside on the school grounds.
We have an opening ceremony for sports day in which all the stundents march in a line.
Sports day is a good oppotunity for children to do various exercis and to learn how to work together with others.
In Nishiokoppe,elementary school,junior high school and kindergarden do a sports day together.

A school play

The day is for children to present music, theater and dancing as a result of learning.
Almost their parents and local people come to see a school play.

the sighboard by principal's handmade


greeting of start by 1st grade


A lot of ivents in the shool


The children and parents festival in Nishiokoppe elemntary school


The ski festival in Nishiokoppe elementary school.Children really are looking forward to it!

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