A relationship between Juneau, Alaska and Nishiokoppe

This friendship between Juneau, Alaska and Nishiokoppe started in 1992.
In that year, 18 students of 6 grade in elementary school and one leader from Nishiokoppe travelled to Juneau for the first time. It was using the "Summer Vacation Boys and Girls Aurora School" sponsored by Hokkaido Northern Center.
Since then, students of Nishiokoppe have visited Juneau 17 times for homestay and facilities tours. In total, 264 students and 32 leaders have visited Juneau. Every junior high student goes to Juneau once 2 years.
Students from Juneau have been to Nishiokoppe 4 times over the years.
We have welcomed them every time and appreciate them for coming to Nishiokoppe.

Since 1994, The Board of Education in Juneau has sent an English teacher to Nishiokoppe. The teachers who came to the village not only teach English, but also deepened our friendship between Juneau and Nishiokoppe.
They introduce American (Alaskan) life culture and customs, teach cooking classes, hold english conversation classes and help students improve their english speaking, listening and writing skills.
Thanks to that, residents of Nishiokoppe can learn about a different culture and communicate with them.

We hope this relationship will be continued long into the future.

Our trip to Juneau, Alaska

Every junior high student from Nishiokoppe will travel to Juneau. They travel to Juneau every two years. The last trip was in 2017 and the next trip is in Summer 2019. This trip is the first overseas trip for many of  them. This experience will be precious forever.
Mendenhall Glacier

Mendenhall Glacier

Alaska Native Cultural Building  Juneau, Alaska

Alaska Native Cultural Building Juneau, Alaska

Whale Watching Tour

Whale Watching Tour

Home Stay Host Family

Students stay in homefamilies's house for 2-3 nights

Pizza and Popcorn!


Cruise ships

Cruise ships

A memorial shield from Juneau!

In 2018,  Juneau gifted Nishiokoppe a beautiful certificate celebrating 25 years of cultural exchange and friendship.  Ms. Kayla Harmon (Juneau Teacher) gifted it to Nishiokoppe Mayor Kikuchi on September 18, 2018. It was signed by the Governor of Alaska, the Mayor of  Juneau, the President of the School Board and the Superintendent of  the Juneau School District. It was commissioned by Annie Calkins.

The certificate says:
"In Recognition and Gratitude for 25 years of friendship and exchanges between Nishiokoppe, Japan and Juneau, Alaska.
This connection has enriched the lives of hundreds of students and teachers, and deepened the cultural ties between Japan and Alaska."
 Nishiokoppe Mayor (Kikuchi Hiroshi) said, " It was a real pleasure. I want to share my feeling with village our residents."
Mayor Kikuchi and Ms. Kayla Harmon September 18, 2018
The Beautiful Certificate

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